The Buzz 8/17/15

What you need to know to be in the know...

our first full week is in the books

What an amazing week!! As I walked through classrooms this week, I saw firsthand students doing some incredible activities, and heard stories from students about how these engaging activities translate into new learning. I saw students using high interest activities to build a sense of team and collaboration skills. Students were using technology tools to build tales, learn life long basic tech skills in computer lab, and working on problem solving activities using various devices. Kindergarten students were imagining and creating using various mediums such as blocks, play-doh, and costumes. Multiple grade levels were using Keva planks to build and create. Third grade used rubber bands, string, and cups to problem solve and practice teamwork. The list could go on and on... The best part is, that this is not new to Chandler. This is the culture that our staff has built over many years. We continue to learn, incorporate our interests, and then leverage this knowledge to help our kids learn. This culture and growth mindset is one of our biggest assets. Well done Team Chandler! Thanks for a great first full week! Keep up the great work!

DUe Friday

Here are some items that need to be in, if you have not already done so:

**Yellow PLTW module payment papers (Cheryl)

**Weekly Classroom Schedule sheets (Beth)

**Grade level chairperson and Team meeting day/Time (Roy)

**Request for 4th Evaluation if you so desire (Roy)

**Personal/Professional Goal

Office Referral Forms

Office referral forms are for school use only. Please do not send forms returned to the teacher home with students. Please feel free to talk with parents about the behavior, however the form is meant for timely, simple, in house communication.

School Schedule

The schedule on Google Docs is finally finalized. Please feel free print or download it as needed.

success groups

Success time will start Next TUESDAY, AUGUST 18. Thank you in advance for having materials ready to go the Friday before.

Indoor Recess

In case of inclement weather, here are some reminders about indoor recess:

*It is helpful to have a list of appropriate activities for your classroom, especially if you have items that are not to be used for recess. Many of our support staff have no idea of what is ok to use or not, and most students freely offer up more items than are actually allowed!

*Grade levels will have 2 people to cover classes (this usually means one person bounces between two classes)

*Teams are still expected to have one teacher on duty the final 10 minutes

Support staff with a success group

All support staff who teach success group will have a meeting every Friday at 8:35. Following this time they will have the morning to plan for the following week, gather materials, and prepare. This might occasionally mean that special education paraprofessionals will need some time. If a child with a para needs that para there for the entire morning, minus the meeting time, then the teachers will be responsible to ensure the para has background and materials needed to teach their success group. TOIs and Interventionists will not push in on Friday mornings.

update: fire drill procedures

This year, in addition to simply evacuating the building during a fire drill, teachers will need to take attendance. When a school personnel member comes to the nearest door to give the all clear signal a simple hand gesture will suffice.

Fist - 0 students missing, hold up one finger - 1 student missing, two fingers - 2 students missing etc..

Any children who are present, but not currently with you in person need to be accounted for. If they are not with you at that moment tell the person with the walkie-talkie so we can locate them. For example, if you have 1 student in the nurse and 2 in a pull out group you should holdup 3 fingers, so we can confirm they exited the building somewhere.


Laminating will be done by committee on Monday mornings. There will be a box in the upstairs workroom. Please place any items needing laminating in this box to be completed.

Also note that laminating film is expensive, and lamination is not decomposable. Please be judicious in what you would like to have laminated.

PBIS Teacher Tips: hallway procedures

*Teachers use level 0-1 voices

*ALWAYS walk on the right side of the hallway

*Create stop points on your way to your destination so lines don't get elongated ensures no stragglers

*Walk your students ALL THE WAY to your destination (even at the end of the day)

*Use proximity to address individual student issues

*Model, Model, Model - what they see they will do...


If you would like to receive text messages about delays, closings, or school emergencies here's how to sign up:

Text: "@mrhuffor" to 81010

When prompted respond by texting back your name

I will only use this for important announcements, and communication is only one way so you will not be able to respond back.

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growth mindset

Several years ago the staff at Chandler all read and studied a book called Mindset by Carol S. Dweck. During that study we became very

interested in having a “growth mindset” become a way learning and working with each other as a guiding principle at Chandler. Here is an

excerpt from an article called “Why Danish Parents (and Their Kids) are Happier Than Americans” by Andy Hinds. Some of the themes from growth mindset show up here.

Overpraise Does More Harm Than Good

Research shows that kids who are always told they are smart are likely to give up easily when confronted with difficult tasks. They feel that due to their alleged smartness, they shouldn’t have to work hard — trying hard makes them feel dumb, so they avoid it. The Danes approach praising their kids accordingly.

What You Can Do with This

• Praise the process and the effort, rather than innate ability — “You studied hard and aced the test,” instead of, “You’re so good at math!”

• Save it for when it’s warranted and don’t feel the need to dole it out just to make your kid feel better. If they don’t feel great about the outcome of something, help them understand why and encourage them to go about it differently next time.

NWEA update

We all will be receiving an e-mail from NWEA to do training on our own. The e-mail will contain information on how to log on to the training. This professional development will take you about an hour. You can do this on your own during your own time. The goal is to have everyone complete this training before we give the first assessments. I will keep you updated on when the first assessments will be administered (possibly the beginning of September??)

TLT UPdate

TLT spent this week preparing for upcoming clusters, gaining background knowledge nad experience using the new curriculum maps. As we move through this rubric cycle, we will take an in-depth look at how we can use the maps to Design and Plan Instruction that ensures all students are challenged and supported to meet the rigorous demands that will be placed on them not just on testing, but as we building the thinking and problem solving skills needed for everyday life! We look forward in TLT to sharing this new learning, and working with you to help understand what the new maps break down into weekly, daily, and lesson goals, while continually increasing deep and rigorous thinking and problem solving into these plans/lessons.

CAlendar Items


Cluster 7:15-8:15

*Students enter at 8:20


TLT 3:15 (Andrew Kauffman's Room)


Halfway through the week!


Fire Drill 8:45


Enjoy your weekend!!!

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