down Sydrome

birth defects /genetic disorders

what is down sydrome

a congential disorder rising from a chromosome defect causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities results in an extra 21 chromosome

is down syndrome a genetic?


how would you know your child got it ?

by there characteristics and anemonia

what are the symptoms of down syndrome ? how would you know your child got it ?

1. short stature height

2. weak muscles

3.a short wide neck

4. decreased muscle tone at birth

5. excess skin at the top of there neck

6. impuslive behavior

these are the three things of down syndrome

1. free trisomy - is a type of polysomy

2. translocation- in genetics a chromosome abnormity caused by reaggrangement parts

3. mosaic trisomy - the present case describes any adults male with clinical signs of mild down sydrome

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