written by:Kallie,Mark,Marissa

Physical Features by: Mark

Jongsong peak

Government by: marissa

India is a federal state with a parliamentary form of government.

India ruled that women are eligible to become the legal head of a family a position hitherto reserved only for the eldest man

Climate by: marissa

winter snow fall

Economic by: kallie

(Economic System paise) (literacy Rate 74.04) (GDP Per Capita 1,498.87) (population 1,189,172,902) (Imports crude oil,machinery,gem) (Exports petroleum products, precious stones,machinery)

Culture by: Mark

(Holidays) Statehood day and Republic day one food they eat is crickets (language) Hindi (Religions) Hinduism and a school in india is called tiny tits school (sport) soccer

place to visit by:kallie

Why did i pick this place well because it has pretty land

Why should you visit because you can explore the land!

India's capital by: Mark

New Delhi

place to visit: by: marissa guajardo

I picked this place because, it seemed cool and pretty.

i think you should visit because, you can explore the cultures and cool things.

place to visit by:Mark

I picked India because it was the only one left.

you should visit because the mountains are cool.