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We are a Mixed Economy

The reason why we are a mixed economy is because we think that any person who wants to succeed is allowed to do so. And if they try to succeed they should get the money for the effort they put and not get paid equally to those who don't try and to those who do try.

The Interesting economy

My economy system is very easy to work the government isn't really involved they are only their to protect and for safety regulations. The way it works is that sellers set the places where they want to sell things that meet the need of that country.Meanwhile the customers buy what they need to live or wish to buy.The people who sell are the ones who choose what the price will be.

Look at how it works...

Mixed Economy

BUT....Let's take a look at the other side

*Most of the time people think that we tend to look more at the government side and less to the individual freedom but that's wrong the government has only a small power in this country.

*Another con that people see is that their is too much competition but each person is specialized in their on thing and does that want to work on the same thing are always welcomed to work together so the competition wont be so "high"

Lets' Conclude...

You always have a chance to make your life better but sometimes opportunities go away and the moment they come you must take it that's why the best opportunity is here were you can always make a change in the way your economy is. That's why you should move here to a better place.