Knights in the Know

September 1, 2017

Go Gold in September

You may have noticed ribbons of gold tied around trees, poles and columns today. Blanton Elementary is supporting the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in honor of Sadie Keller. Our purpose this month is to bring awareness about childhood cancer. We have many activities planned:

Facts ~ Sadie will share a fact about childhood cancer each day in September on the Morning News.

Go Gold Days ~ Each Wednesday, we will Go Gold by wearing gold/yellow attire such as t-shirts, jewelry, etc.

Poster Contest ~ Later in the month, we will have a poster contest. Students in grades K-2 will participate in a grade level poster while students in grades 3-5 will have class posters. We will be looking for gold and facts we have learned from Sadie.

Talks with Sadie ~ Sadie has a short video prepared that is appropriate for students in all grade levels to review her journey. She will be speaking with students later this month.

Information ~ For information about Childhood Cancer, the Keller Family has prepared a flyer about Sadie's Story.

Talking to Your Child About School

Do you ever have difficulty getting information about what is happening at school from your child? Many times our kids are tired at night and not forth-coming with details about what they are learning. By using open-ended questions, we can often engage our children in great conversations which help us peer into what they are learning, how they are feeling about school, and about their interests.

We offer two lists of conversation starters which can help in talking with your child about school. While not an exhaustive list, it is a great place start.

Happy conversations!!

25 Questions

30 Questions

Attendance Counts

Attendance matters and every school day counts. When your child is absent, you may be able to “make up” an assignment, but your child has missed instructional time with the teacher which can’t be replicated. We appreciate your efforts to schedule doctor appointments and vacations at times other than the school day.

There are times that your child is ill and must miss school. In those cases, we have procedures for letting us know about those absences:

Absent 1-4 days: As we have always done, you may send a note within 72 hours which includes the date and reason your child was absent. If you prefer to email that infor-mation, you may send it to

Absent 5 or more days: The same procedure as above along with a note from the doctor which states why the child was absent and the dates. This is needed within 72 hours and may be sent by note or email to the address listed above.

Absent part of day: Our secretarial office will need to ask why your child is leaving early as they must code it correctly for accountability purposes.

  • If your child misses only part of a day for a doctor, dentist, or eye doctor appointment, you will need an excuse from their office stating they were seen. In this case, your child will be counted present for the day.
  • If your child is leaving for any other reason, it is coded as a "Loss of Significant Instructional Time" (LOSIT) and is not excused. These LOSITs are reported as part of our accountability. We greatly appreciate you leaving your children attending class and learning for the entire school day.

Thank you for following these procedures.

Proper Shoes for PE

The proper footwear is very important in the physical education setting. Students should have a tennis shoe type of foot-wear that provides adequate ankle support. Improper foot-wear is a safety concern for a student while participating in a moderate to vigorous physical activity. Appropriate footwear helps keep students safe.

Students who wear the appropriate shoes to PE class have a better chance of success while reducing the chance of injuries. If a student does not wear the appropriate shoes to PE, he or she will not be able to participate in the daily activities due to safety concerns. Please check your child’s Special Area schedule so they will be ready for PE classes.

Thank you for helping keep our students safe.

Grandparents' Lunch Next Week

We are really looking forward to meeting all the grandparents that will be able to attend lunch next week. We appreciate the great response of signing up ahead of time to help us prepare. Grandparents will be signing in at a special table in the foyer with PTA. We have special tables on the stage that they will be able to eat at with their grandchildren. Many of you have more than one child and the lunches are apart. Grandparents are welcome to leave the cafeteria and wait in the hallway on the bench or back in the foyer. They will not have to leave the school and then come back.

Cornhole Tournament

The first annual Blanton and T-Rock Cornhole Tournament will be held on Sept. 16th from 3:00-7:00 p.m. at Blanton. Proceeds will benefit our Creation Commons! We are excited about this event and hope you can attend. Please see the flyer for additional information. You can register at

Thank you, T-Rock!!

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Upcoming Events

Sept. 1 ~ Childhood Cancer Awareness Month kickoff

Sept. 4 ~ Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 5-8 ~ Grandparents' Celebration during lunches

Sept. 5 ~ 1st Grade Curriculum Night 6:00 in the Library

Sept. 6 ~ Wear Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Sept. 13 ~ Wear Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Sept. 16 ~ Cornhole Tournament sponsored by T-Rock from 3-7

Sept. 18 ~ EXPO Parent Meeting in the Science Lab at 4:45

Sept. 20 ~ Wear Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Sept. 21 ~ PTA/Watch DOG Pizza Night 6:00

Sept. 27 ~ Wear Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Sept. 27 ~ NNAT2 for 1st Grade

Sept. 29 ~ End of 1st 6 Weeks

Oct. 5 ~ 5th Grade Camp Parent Meeting

Oct. 10 ~ 4th Grade Field Trip to Clear Creek

Blanton Mission Statement

We will work collaboratively to ensure high levels of learning for ALL students, while inspiring and empowering them to become safe, respectful, and caring learners.