Derrick Gray

"A person's a person no matter how small!" -Dr Suess

Who Am I...

36-50 I have a well-balanced realistic sense of self-esteem. I like doing sports with friends, I like to do games, I like going home and sleep and go to stufF and some time i like to leave and go to magic springs for a few days on the weekends. My interpersonal (people smart) is 14. some things that is value to me is my family,friends,pets,stuff,sports these are some things i value.

My Job As A.....

My Job..... Is a Lawyer i defend people if terer in truble with some thing and like if they have drugs in there car and they hit some one and they sweer that they diden't do the drugs and there no min thats when i come in to see if there good or bad people.

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How Do I Get This Job?

How I Get This Job is to have good grades and had a collage degree to get in a train and if i do good enough nd when i get it it will be a fun time working there my job would be in a jugges court room and i would have my defendent right next to my side seeing if he is guilty or not guilty

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What College Do I Go To?

You go to law school and see if you are ready for this and train in it to get your degree