Lana Lien

Lana Lien

Lana started researching in the field of anti aging medicine many years ago. Lana Lien is passionate about educating women about treatments that decrease the signs of aging. She has worked with some of the world’s top experts in anti aging and regenerative medicine and helped give thousands of women access to powerful treatments that work. Lana Lien is an author, business owner and founder of Menopause Clinics of America and The Wrinkle Cure.

How Do I Get This Treatment?

Initial Phone Consultation : Your initial consult will take place on the phone and take approximately 10 minutes. In this time we will answer any questions you may have and book you in for a phone consult with our doctor. You will get to speak directly with one of our professional team members and ask all the questions you like. Consultations are obligation free information sessions designed to ensure you understand our process.

Phone Consultation With Our Sydney Doctor : Your thorough phone consultation with one of our amazing doctors based in Sydney is FREE and it takes about 15 minutes by phone. The doctor will determine your suitability for the treatment and if you are found suitable, the treatment will be specifically formulated to meet your skins needs. No two bottles are the same, this is made for your skin only.

Your Treatment Is Made By Pharmacist Mr. Kiriakos : Now that you have your prescription from the doctor our specialist pharmacist Mr. Kiriakos of Narraweena Pharmacy in Sydney will then hand make your treatment and ship it directly to your door. You get the benefit of a specialist medical treatment with virtually no effort.

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