The truth behind Bulimia

Hopefully, you don't purge yourself.

Did you know...

An estimated 1% to 3% of teens suffer Bulimia

SIgns and Symptoms of Bulimia

  • A common symptom of Bulimia is dehydration
  • Another common emotional symptom of Bulimia is the sufferer being much easier to anger and generally anxious
  • Bulimia will affect the sufferers social life affecting their memory and causing memory loss
  • A common behavioral symptom of Bulimia is that the sufferer will become very compulsive in their actions
  • A very common symptom of Bulimia is that it might cause the sufferer to self-harm due to depression

A help center nearby!

Eating Disorders Treatment Center: Pertschuk Michael MD

Many celebrities have gone through it, including Elton John

Elton John entered Rehab for drug abuse, alcoholism, and bulimia in the early 1990’s. He realized it was a problem when he became afraid he would die angry, bitter and sad, his ego was also an issue because it was very hard for him to take orders instead of give them.