Peter the Great

Emperor of Russia


Peter the Great took the throne in 1682. He was only ten years old. He was not well educated. However, he was willing to learn everything. He spent lots of time in a neighborhood in Moscow which held artisans and soldiers. There, he learned about new technology.

Goals and Accomplishments

For most of his rule, Peter the Great had wanted more military power in Russia. During his reign, he created a world class navy, largest standing army, and attempted to extend borders to the west and south.

"I have conquered an empire but I have not been able to conquer myself." - Peter the Great


Peter the Great died in 1725. His legacy was mixed. On one hand, he expanded Russian territory and obtained ports on the Baltic Sea. However, he used terror to enforce his absolute power and he ended up widening the gap between Russia and the West. Some find him a great ruler and others do not.