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Welcome to the end of autumn term newsletter. I am delighted to share with you some highlights from a busy and successful term. Please enjoy browsing, any feedback is most welcome.

I hope you will also take a moment during the holidays to review our website which is updated regularly. There you will find more reports and press releases about a selection of some of the events and activities which have taken place this term.

Please also keep up to date with our latest news through Twitter. We recommend that you follow the @UxbridgeHighSch and @UHSPrincipal accounts which are designed to help keep you abreast of school events, latest news stories and, occasionally, important updates on issues such as school closure due to bad weather. The PE department also tweet the latest sporting information such as fixtures, results and news on extra-curricular clubs. You can follow them at @UHSPE. We also have an account for Visual and Performing Arts @UHS_VAPA. Live links to all of our Twitter feeds are at the end of the newsletter.

Towards the end of term, our Year 11 students have been working hard with their mock examinations. Feedback from these, coupled with the extensive revision support they are offered, will consolidate their learning prior to this summer’s important final examinations.

I am delighted that again, students from other year groups have had the opportunity to work with Dr van der Spoel. He specialises in supporting students with study skills, engagement with learning and educational well-being. Dr van der Spoel has also met a large number of UHS parents at parent engagement evenings. If you have not attended one of these events, we would encourage you to do so when a future opportunity arises.

We recently hosted a very busy Sixth Form Open Evening. As one of the best Sixth Forms in the borough, we are expecting high competition for places next year. Year 13 students are currently preparing for their mock examinations in January and finalising their university applications. 44 of our Year 13 students have been offered university places. Out of these, 35 students have been offered places at one of the UK’s top 50 universities, including 14 students who have been offered places at Brunel University. 18 students have been offered places at Russell Group universities including Warwick, Manchester, King’s College, Queen Mary’s, Bristol, Sheffield and Nottingham. 2 students have been shortlisted to interview at Cambridge University.

It is a pleasure to report that over the course of this term, there have been 30,212 instances of students being rewarded. 5,206 points have been given to students for academic achievement or work; 22,393 points have been given to students for positive behaviour exhibited in the school; and 1047 students have been nominated for a ‘Proud’ badge.

I was delighted to award three students with the Principal's commendation this term. Awards went to Jayden and Ricky for their outstanding representation of Uxbridge High School at our Open Evening in October. Sula also received a Principal's commendation for showing determination and leadership and for exceeding 220 positive behaviour points!

Students with the highest number of positive points have been rewarded with a trip to the Science Museum.

Good attendance is a key factor in students making the best progress. We are very keen that students are in school and learning for as much of the school year as possible. The minimum recommended attendance is 95%. Please continue to support us in maintaining our high attendance rates by ensuring that your son or daughter attends fully.

A final note on finances, you may qualify for free school meals if you receive benefits and have an annual income that does not exceed £16,190. Registering is quick and easy. No one will know that your son or daughter is registered and they will be entitled to a free, healthy meal at lunchtime, saving you money. Please contact the School Office if you think you may qualify. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you need any help with the registration process for Parent View and or Parent Pay.

We would like to encourage you to give feedback via the link to the Parent View website on aspects of work by students and staff at Uxbridge High School. These views are very important to the leadership team and inform decisions taken on working practices and policies. A link to the Parent View website is in the newsletter below.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about Uxbridge High School. Follow the link below to submit your feedback.


You may be aware, we currently have a vacancy for a parent governor on our school’s active governing body. Our parent governors are very valuable members of the governing body. You do not need to be an expert in education to play a valuable role in the governing body but you will have the best interests of the school at heart and want to help our school be the best it can be.

Besides parents, the governing body includes the Principal and other members of staff, representatives of the Local Authority and people from the local community. All of these people play an important part in building good relationships between the school, parents and the wider community. Together they decide the key priorities for the school, help plan to achieve them, and then check whether the actions taken have had the desired impact. The governing body also plays an important role in deciding how the school’s budget should be spent, and it helps to appoint our staff.

If you would like to be considered as a parent governor or to find out more information, please contact

Please be aware that any appointment will be subject to a satisfactory identity and Disclosure and Barring Service check.


Ms Kaur - Curriculum Leader for Science

The Science department kicked off its annual activities before the school year even began, with its Crime Scene Investigation event, right at the start of September. Aimed at primary school students in Year 6, the event ran over two days and aimed to showcase some of the interesting practical work students could look forward to at Uxbridge High School. Feedback from both students and parents was extremely positive. It was an enjoyable experience for all involved (and a nice warm-up for teachers after a six-week long break!)

The KS3 Science Club was launched successfully by Ms Purewall, with seventeen Year 7 members. The well planned activities for the club provide the chance to explore and investigate science, even topics not in the curriculum, and enrich learning. Activities such as making elephant’s toothpaste, methane bubbles and making slime proved to be really popular amongst students.

In October, five Sixth Form students attended a whole day workshop ‘So You Want To Be A Doctor’ organised by St George’s Medical College. The students were exposed to the reality of taking up medicine as a career and were introduced to the application process of a medical school along with getting an insight to the life of a student studying medicine.

Another group of Y12 students attended ‘The Trouble with Science is Ethics’ at Brunel University. The focus of the day was to reflect on some important issues and questions within the scientific world. The workshop had various interactive activities which emphasised students’ participation in addition to being informative.

Finally, all science teachers join me in wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a well- deserved holiday. We look forward to seeing everyone next term and explore new avenues and continue to inspire our young scientists!


Four Year 7 and 8 students competed in the Inter-borough Science Quiz held at Bishop Ramsey School, against seven other schools from the Hillingdon Borough and won 1st place!

The questions ranged from biology, chemistry and physics, including modelling the brain using clay. The students excelled at making the model and explaining the different parts and functions of it. Other tasks included identifying music from various science fiction films and shows such as the Big Bang Theory.

Daniel - Year 8 Student

On Wednesday 20th November, myself and 3 other students from Years 7 and 8 attended the annual Inter Borough Science Competition. A week earlier we were selected to participate in this event and began furiously revising key science topics which we assumed would come up on the test.

On the big day, as we left UHS in our 7 seater taxi, we eagerly exchanged notes on everything we had learnt as we tried to cram in as many facts as possible. When we entered the hall in Bishop Ramsey, we eyed up our opponents wondering if they had more science knowledge than us. Before the quiz, we were supplied with tasty refreshments.

Competing against us were 8 other schools from across the borough. The waiting was over and the quiz was underway! All 8 schools were set various questions which covered the main science disciplines- astronomy, biology chemistry, etc.

Our whole team worked harmoniously, debating and conferring the answers.

Then it was the nail-biting time to mark the papers and assign the scores. When the final results were announced, we let out a triumphant cheer as we named the winners of the inter borough science competition. Elated and jubilant, we lifted up the trophy to the huge round of applause.

Participating in this event has given me the opportunity to make new friends and learn some fascinating facts.


Lewis Prunty - Year 12 Student: The trip to Auschwitz was very thought provoking. I am glad I had an opportunity to pay my respects and retell the stories of those who died during WW2 in Nazi concentration camps and beyond.

Fatima Mondeh - Year 12 Student: The death camps were nothing like I expected. I cannot describe my emotions. The experience was surreal and incredibly emotional. I am grateful to UHS and the HET for the opportunity to visit this important historical site.


Miss Goddard - Curriculum Leader for MFL

December is an exciting time of year, and this December was particularly exciting for Year 9 and 10 students at Uxbridge High School. Almost 30 students travelled to the city of Cologne to test out their German language skills in the famous Kölner Weihnachtsmärkte or Christmas markets.

They got to see the markets lit up at night as well as being able to try out some of the traditional German snacks such as Bratwurst and Flammkuchen. During the day they learned about the importance of sport in German culture from the Middle Ages to the modern Olympics at the German Museum of Sport – as well as being able to test their own sporting prowess in many of the interactive exhibits. Just as important as football in Germany is chocolate and the students had a “sweet” time at the Chocolate Museum overlooking the River Rhine, where they were guided through the history of chocolate production in Germany. Naturally, there was a brief stop at the chocolate fountain on the way…

The students were a credit to the school and demonstrated PROUD values at every turn, making a huge effort to use the language they have been learning to experience German Christmas culture. As one of the GCSE students said; “Deutschland ist wunderbar!”

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Students have enjoyed a large number of trips this term with the Visual & Performing Arts department, including visits to the Royal Academy of Art, Natural History Museum and Borough Market. Students have had the opportunity to visit various theatres to watch a number of plays and musicals including Matilda, Double Trouble, Jane Eyre and the RSC’s Coriolanus.

Miss McMahon - Curriculum Leader for Art

Well done to all Year 11 art students for your fantastic efforts in the lead up to your Unit 1 exams.


Miss Walker - Curriculum Leader for Visual & Performing Arts

Our performing arts students entered an RSC and Samsung competition, where they had to create a film that responded to one of Shakespeare's Roman plays. UHS has been lucky enough to be given a 360 camera and VR headset from Samsung and they used this exciting technology to help create the film.

The students decided to create a film that explored whether rhetoric still had a place in politics. In just two weeks they planned, performed, filmed and edited a short film, which was then chosen by the RSC to be showcased at the Barbican Centre on Tuesday 7th November, along with just eight other schools from around the country.

In a state-of-the-art cinema, they had to introduce their film in front of an audience of peers and experts. The students then got to watch their film on the big screen. The expert panel included Jacqui O’Hanlon, the RSC's Director of Education, Iqbal Khan, the Director of the RSC's Anthony and Cleopatra and the RSC's Head of Digital Design and the Actor, Alex Waldmann, who played Brutus in the RSC's Julius Caesar. Each of the panel commented on how clever and technically advanced the students’ film was. Their contribution really did stand out as an excellent film: it was influenced by the modern ‘vlogging’ culture; it was quick moving; intelligent and funny. The audience also got to watch the film again with VR headsets outside the cinema as the film our students made was with a 360 camera.

As a treat for our well deserving students, the RSC gave us free tickets to see the epic performance of Coriolanus at the Barbican Centre that night.

It was a truly brilliant day.

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Students have been rehearsing for the school performance of Bugsy Malone, which takes place on 6th and 7th February 2018. Tickets will be available soon after the start of term in January.

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Mr Palmer - Curriculum Leader for Citizenship

This term our students have taken part in workshops on radicalisation, anti-bullying and migration. Year 7 have also been looking into what makes people British and Year 10 have been looking into the effects of war and conflict on families in countries such as Syria.

Our Reflection Space is continually improving and now offers a quiet and open space for students to relax, study or engage in mindfulness.

External visitors are a key part of Citizenship education – this term we have interviewed two of our most regular visitors, Vicky Cooke and James Cook.

An interview with Vicky Cooke, Lead Programme Coordinator at KISS

How long have you worked for KISS? 3 years

What do you most like about your job? Meeting and supporting young people

How do you think people like you can make a difference? By offering a space to meet and support young people where they can discuss how they are feeling, any concerns or questions they might have, to discuss any myths they have heard of to do with puberty, sex, relationships and what is legal etc. This enables them to know the correct information to make informed choices about their life. We help young people to know what services they have access top for support. Services like KISS can also help to reduce any anxiousness or insecurities young people may have especially around growing up, relationships and sexuality. We help to promote healthy relationships as well as self-worth and self-esteem, enabling young people to be empowered.

What do you think is the most important part of your job? Supporting young people, giving them a safe space to just be and ask any questions that they have as well as giving them as much information and support as possible so they can make informed choices for themselves.

An interview with James Cox– Police Officer

How long have you been a Police Officer? I’ve been in the police service for 9 years.

What do you most like about your job? Helping people and making a difference in the local community.

How do you think people like you can make a difference? We have been given certain powers by the government when undertaking the role of a police officer, and if these powers are respected and used appropriately, we can help people and make a positive difference to people’s lives.

What do you think is the most important part of your job? The number one aspect to being a police officer is saving lives, but in my role as a safer school’s police officer the most important part is ensuring young people can attend school and get an education in an environment free from fear and violence.


Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors presented a fantastic assembly during Anti Bullying Week. The team also met with the Principal to share ideas and update him on their work so far this term.

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Miss Devani - Curriculum Leader for Maths

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a gold certificate in the Senior UKMT Maths Challenge:

  • Jefri Reci
  • Charles Goodliffe
  • Shahmeer Mohammad
  • Ahmad Eblagh
  • Rajan Bhatoy
  • Jasmin Mohamed

The following students have been awarded a silver certificate:

  • Thomas Wigmore
  • Ilwaad Abokar
  • Khagi Kaushal

The following students have been awarded a bronze certificate:

  • Emon Ali
  • Harrison Martin
  • Rithik Bagga

A special congratulations to Jefri Reci whose result was the best in Year 13 and Shahmeer Mohammad whose result was the best in Year 12 and overall!



Miss Hanif- Assistant Currliculum Leader for English

Year 9 students have been studying gothic fiction and reading a lot of scary extracts. What better way to explore the feeling of fear than dipping their hands into buckets while blindfolded?

Some students helped intensify their fear of the unknown by ringing a bell, stroking their face with a teddy bear and telling them lies (e.g. the rainbow drop/ sweets were bird droppings). The students volunteered to take part and were allowed to say “I’m a student, get me out of here” at anytime. This later opened up discussion of importance of senses, trust and how you can conquer fear through knowledge.


Mr Buckley - Curriculum Leader for DT

In Design & Technology, students from across all year groups have participated in engaging projects from designing and making their own photo frames to manufacturing customised fleece hats for the winter.

With the incorporation of new software and CAD equipment we have also offered new qualifications and curriculum choices that encompass engineering and design. In the spring term, we will be running a Year 10 engineering trip to the Mini Cooper manufacturing plant and we are also hoping to visit Brunel University.


Mr Churchill - Assistant Principal

Our Jack Petchey winners for the autumn term will be announced at the end of term assemblies, but you can now nominate students for the next round of awards.

Recipients must have contributed to the school or community in a significant way.

Achievement Award winners can be recognised for personal developments and positive personality traits. Students can only win the award at their school once.

Achievement Award winners will receive:

• A framed certificate

• A pin badge

• A boxed medallion (at a public awards ceremony)

• For a school/community project on the Student Council generated list £200. Winner to be part of the Student Council decision.


Mr Churchill - Assistant Principal

The School Council met visitors from Kidscape in November and looked at extremism and how to spot the signs if you suspect someone is being radicalised. The School Council then went back to their form groups to raise awareness of the risks associated with extremism.

The School Council are also looking at other ways in which we can further support diversity and ensure students know where they can get help if they have any concerns.


A timetable feature has now been added to Show My Homework. Parents and students can now view their timetables on the SMHW website and app. If you require your login please email the school at


Mr Baker - Business Studies Teacher

The Young Enterprise programme is well underway, the school company consists of 24 students lead by Samir Garnie as Managing Director.

The students are currently seeking capital through several initiatives, including selling shares in the company and seeking donations. They also sold at a trade fair in Wembley's Designer Outlet on Saturday 16th December to raise further finance.

Students held a board meeting to discuss the finance they've raised so far, plans for the Wembley Trade fair and their product ideas for the competition.


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On 12th December, we held a Winter Open Mic Night which was thoroughly enjoyed by staff, students, governors and parents. A number of students showcased extraordinary talent in front of a panel of judges, consisting of Geoffrey Boyd (musician), Aisha McPherson (actress & former-student) and Harrison Walker (songwriter).

The Critics' Choice Award went to Nathan Pittam, who performed a fantastic drum solo and the People's Choice Award went to Samin Isar who sang Whitney Houston's 'I have nothing.'


Mr Emery - Assistant Curriculum Leader for PE


We have had a very successful start to the year with all of our football teams. Year 7 have made a fantastic start, remaining unbeaten and currently in the third round of the Middlesex Cup.

Year 8 have done extremely well in our league competition, winning all three games with plenty of goals scored. They did however suffer a defeat in the second round of the Middlesex cup, but are looking forward to the final stages of the league competition.

Year 9 have been superb this year. They have won every game so far, including the Middlesex Cup, reaching the quarter-finals so far. With plenty of talent on show, they are very capable of doing the league/cup double and winning the Middlesex Cup for the second time in three years!

Year 10 and 11 have also done very well in the few games they have played. Both year groups remain unbeaten, and are through to the final stages of the league competition which resumes after February half term.

Star Players:

Year 7: Brinley Shields

Year 8: Alfie Essex

Year 9: Deron Lorainey

Year 10: Lewis Brookfield

Year 11: Jaden Philogene-Bidace


At UHS this year, we have managed to field strong teams across all of KS3 for the first time in a long time. The Year 7s have made a promising start to the year winning the first round of the Middlesex Cup against a tough Cardinal Wiseman side and are continuing to compete against some challenging teams across the borough. Their interest and enthusiasm is fantastic and we're hoping for continued success as we progress in to next year.

Year 8 and 9 have also had some good results, competing against strong outfits in Vyners, Queensmead and Haydon. We have had some hard fixtures as the quality of the rugby continues to grow across the borough. This will however, put us in good shape as we look to work hard and prepare for the school's first rugby tour to Paris next year.

Star players:

Year 7: Dieumerci Kabulu

Year 8: Aryan Padaruth, Billy Jerome

Year 9: Frankie Major


The girls have made an excellent start to the new academic year and despite the freezing conditions, have consistently made it out to training each week.

The Year 7 girls have won 2 out of 3 matches and are beginning to show some real form. The Year 8 girls have continued their excellent form from last year and have come out on top of each of their fixtures and can hopefully continue their unbeaten run into the new year. The Year 9 girls, led by Ilhan Abdi have won all 3 of their games, showing real unity and determination in order to grind out some tough wins. The Year 10s have won 1 of 3 games, but are hoping that with the consistent hard work at training with Miss Noonan, they can hit some real form post Christmas.

Star Players:

Year 7: Feena Dempsey

Year 8: Orla Cullen, Millie Loran

Year 9: Chloe Raeburn

Year 10: Ishika Sharma

Cross Country

At UHS, we are responsible for hosting the Annual Borough Cross Country Championship. This was organised by Mr Wolf and held at Vyners' fields, where the students encountered some tough terrain and cold conditions.

Despite this, the students of UHS demonstrated real inspiring determination and resilience to gain some fantastic finishing positions.

The following students finished in the top 10 of their races and will now go on to represent Hillingdon at the Middlesex Cross Country Championship:

Year 7: Jack Lee (6th place)

Year 8: Abdi Hamud (2nd place), Millie Loran (9th place) and Chelsea Joseph (10th place)

Year 9: Abdullahi Abdullahi (5th Place)


A special mention must also go out to Joanna Scanlon. Joanna is a fantastic student who continues to thrive across many subjects. Not only this, Joanna is a fantastic athlete and strong across a number of sports, representing the school in netball, rugby, football and cricket. However, outside of school Joanna is experiencing other successes! Joanna recently placed bronze in the UK Gymnastics All Round Competition and will now go on to represent the UK at the IAIGC world championships in Florida next year. Well done Joanna, what a fantastic achievement and very much deserved!

Thank you

Both players and staff of the PE department would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Goodman, Miss Hanson, Mr Blackman, Mr Koh and Ms Koneiczy for their continued support across various extra-curricular clubs. Without their help, we would not be able to provide some of the fantastic opportunities on offer at the school. This has aided in our sporting progress and made a significant contribution to some of our fantastic results throughout the term.

We would also like to thank our Sixth Form students Marie Cullen and Rinalds Lubgans for their continued help and support with extra-curricular clubs.

Lastly, a massive thank you must also go out to all of the students who continue to put in hard work at training each week in order to be selected for teams and put in consistent, excellent performances. Sport at UHS, along with our reputation within the borough across a number of sports continues to grow. This is largely down to the hard work and commitment of the fantastic students who represent the school. A huge well done to everyone who has been involved this year, keep up the hard work, we are all immensely PROUD of you all!


Thursday 4th January - Start of Term

Thursday 18th January - Year 11 Parents' Evening

Tuesday 6th February - School Performance of Bugsy Malone

Wednesday 7th February - School Performance of Bugsy Malone

Thursday 8th February - Year 12 Parents' Evening

Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February - Half Term

Thursday 22nd February - Year 8 Parents' Evening

Monday 26th February - Friday 2nd March - Sixth Form Internal Interviews

Thursday 1st March - Year 9 Options Evening

Wednesday 7th March - Awards' Evening

Thursday 15th March - Spring Open Mic Night

Thursday 22nd March - Year 10 Parents' Evening

Thursday 29th March - End of Term