Take a remarkable trip through this enchanting diverse land

Mountains to volcanoes, they have it all

Have you ever wanted a vacation that is adventurous and so many places at once?Have you wanted to see the Andean mountains, the coastal beaches of salinas, and rafting, canyoning, and visiting the volcanos of Baños de Agua Santa in just one trip? If so then Ecuador is your next travel destination!


>Capitol: Quito >Currency: US dollar >Official language: Spanish  >Continent: South America

About Ecuador

The climate is varied due to the diverse lands, yet they have warm climate in the coastal lowland averaging 77°F.

If you're into shiny things La Compañía de jesus is a 17th century baroque church covered with gold decorations. it is so bright in there they say you need sunglasses, speaking of suns they have several gold sun decorations that'll catch your eye.

Ecuador' government is a representative democracy, so they have an executive, legislative, and judicial branch. their government is deeply imbedded in the country's history. Ecuador's president is señor Rafael Correa.

The population is 15.74 million people, the capitol, Quito, has a population of 2.7 million. Quito is the second most populous city following Guayaquil.

the currency Ecuador uses it the same as the U.S. so if you're planning a trip you won't have to worry about changing your money

if you're looking for some different cuisine try coy, a ecuadorian meat from guinea pigs. They also have regular pork, chicken, and beef if thats too much to handle. They also have a sew made with goat meet that is very popular called deco de chivo. In the rainforrests region they eat a starchy root called yuca and is usually fried, boiled, or used in a variety of other meals.

in Ecuador they have many holidays like us a few of them are carnival, alls souls day, christmas ,and independence day. If you're like me you're probably wondering what all souls day is, well heres the answer: it is a whole day dedicated to celebrating the dead.

Relaxation. Mmmmm, you know you like it, so the beaches of the galapagos islands are your next destination. the islands are the least untouched by human development. Need another vacay destination? How 'bout this for size; laguna Quilotoa is a volcanic crater-lake from the lake it offers stunning views of both the lake and mountains.

if you still haven't decided where you want to visit just think of all the amazing places in Ecuador

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