Digital Citizenship

Caleb W.

Posting Stuff

  • Don't share personal information.
  • Get help if you are being cyber bullied.
  • Ask someone before posting something about them.
  • Think about how your Grandma would act if she saw it.
  • Don't post something that could embarrass someone.


  • Give credit to others if you use their work.

  • If it is your work put your name on it.

  • Be careful while using other people's work.

  • Don't take credit if it is not yours to take.

  • Write who owns the work.

Don't go on your phone while you're doing something else

  • Don't text while walking.

  • Be wary of your surroundings

  • There's a right time to use tour phone.

  • Your unawareness of your surroundings could greatly affect other people.

  • You could get hurt if you don't pay attention.

Don't cyberbully

  • Don't bully people online.

  • Be an up stander against bullies.

  • Tell an adult if you're being bullied.