Where I Stand

Kaelyn's Vision

The Provincial Government

The Provincial Government deals with different aspects within the province of Ontario. Some include education, environment, and transportation. I personally have concerns about these specific areas and I think that they should be fixed or altered. I think that the way they are dealing with it these areas are inefficient and sometimes not fair to everyone. I am also concerned about how others think about these areas that the Provincial Government deals with and I will be further explaining what I think about them as you keep reading below.


I think that today in schools, the classes are too big. I believe that classes should have closer to 20 students rather than closer to 25 to 30 students. Students should be able to have one-on-one time with their teacher and with less students they would be able to do that. Sometimes the student might not know anything about what's going on in the course and they need major help on understanding and catching up. I know that in some of my classes I would like to have more time with my teacher in how to improve in areas or for more clarification. When there are bigger classrooms, things within the class get hectic and then students wouldn't know what they're doing in the class. They would then have to ask what to do and it would be harder for the teacher to get to everyone's questions. But if there were smaller classrooms this wouldn't be a problem because smaller classrooms mean less students and less conflict.


An issue that I have within the environment in Ontario is regarding the pollution; air and water. The water pollution from Ontarians flushing things down the toilet to pouring things down the drain has resulted in a negative impact in a big bodies of water such as Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is a major body of water in which we receive our water from and where our 'used' or grey water goes to. With this waste and toxins in the water we now need more machinery to clean up the waste so that we can then receive it again for drinking water, shower water, etc. Also with other bodies of water such as beaches, the pollution caused by littering, etc. leads to not being able to swim in it and having a pollution area that is not pleasant to the eye. I think that the government should place more more garbage bins in recreational areas and place fine signs so that when people see it they would litter less because of how high the fine would be. For the concern that I have about Lake Ontario, I think that the government should make an area in which waste such as garbage is eliminated before it enters the waste management system to ensure that non of that waste is going to be brought back into the water by accident.
In regards to air pollution, more and more technology has been made that is resulting into more and more pollution problems; Global Warming, climate change, greenhouse gases, etc. These events and horrible toxins have made a huge impact in Ontario and I think that the Provincial Government should do something about it. I think that there should be a law that every year, car companies should come up with 2 or more new electric cars models. Or that other companies and/or their products that are involved with contributing to air pollution, should make their products more eco-friendly and they they're office buildings should be altered to ensure that they are less harmful to the environment. With these addition laws and alterations, the environment could become a better place for future generations.


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There are many ways that we Ontarians travel to different places and to do so we usually travel either by car or transit. What the problem is with traveling by car, is rush hour. This is when the roads are all jam packed and accidents may happen. This is a complication that we face and I think that the Provincial Government should do something about it. There was a suggestion that I heard about regarding that roads could be stacked up on top of each other so that there is more room for cars. I know not every city in Ontario has much traffic and/or rush hour problems but it's always good to have more space for more cars. This could lessen the amount of accidents that happen between 2 or more cars colliding into each other and stacked roads would be a benefit to everyone. Therefore I think that this suggestion about stacking the roads should be requested to the Provincial Government to ensure that we don't have to go through the hassle every morning knowing that you could be on the road for more or less and hour.