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What is wind energy: Wind is cause by convection currents in the earth's atmosphere, driven by heat energy by the sun. This means as long as the sun shines,there will be wind. Wind produces only a small amount of the electricity this country uses. One of the reasons wind farms don't produce more electricity is that they can only run when the wind is blowing at a certain speed. People only worry about the birds and bats that may get injured
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Renewable and Nonrenewable Definitions

Nonrenewable-any resource from Earth that exits in limited supply and can't be replaced if it's all used up;also any natural resource that cannot be replaced by natural means at the same rates.

Renewable-any resource , such as wood or solar energy, that can or will replenish naturally in a course of time.

Renewable and Nonrenewable

Biomass- Renewable

Hydropower- Renewable

Geothermal- Renewable

Wind- Renewable

Solar- Renewable

Petroleum- Nonrenewable

Natural Gas- Nonrenewable

Coal- Nonrenewable

Uranium- Nonrenewable

Propane- Nonrenewable

how to converse energy?

Some ways you an converse energy appliances when your not using them.Another way you can converse energy is when your not using heating system turn those off too.If you do some off those easy steps you'll say 53% less energy a year.

advantages of renewable energy

  • does not pollute the air
  • can be replaced in a short period of time
  • lots of places with sun

advantages of non-renewable energy

  • easy to transport
  • widely available
  • cheaper to use
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