Please! Don't bad-mouth housemates!

You're either with them... Or us!


It keeps conflict within the houses to a minimum. There is enough trouble as it is with the war, we don't want to turn on each other. This rule enforces not only to not fight, but to also create a bond between each other in these tough times.


The Story of Little Timothy.

The story begins with the little boy named Timothy, who is a young, well mannered, and faithful Jew. One day he sees that one of the housemates haven't organized there bed properly, instead of kind reminder, little Timothy gets aggravated and yells at the housemate calling him crude names.
Little Timmy bad mouths housemates.
The SS bad mouths housemates.
Therefore little Timmy is part of the SS!
Don't let our children become the enemy, take a stand!

Take action!

Make sure you do everything you can to stop conflict within the house and to stick together through these rough times.