Original African Talking Drum

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Why the African Talking Drum is for you...

Who wouldn't want to be able to communicate without words and simply express yourself on a beautiful instrument. Maybe you can even insult your enemy and they won't even know because you play the drum so well, or you can tell someone you love them without having to say it. You will be able to express how you feel in code, to get your thoughts out without facing the repercussions, unless someone listens and understands what your playing.

Talking Drum Construction

African talking drums have heads on both sides. The drum takes the shape of an hourglass and has strings that connect the two drum heads. The talking drums can vary in size.

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Interesting historical background on the Talking Drum

The talking drum originated from the West African regions of Africa. The African talking drum is one of the oldest musical instruments used by master drummers. These drums are so unique because they are able to mimic human speech.

Cultural Significance

The talking drum has four main purposes:

  • They are used to preserve and share their community’s history and culture, as they can be used to help people remember important people and events.

  • These drums can also be used to communicate messages across distances and villages. Kings were able to send drummers as messengers.

  • Talking drums can also be used in religious rituals, where they were used not only for celebration but also for sacred rites and stories.

  • The talking drums can also bring people together and help to settle disputes.