Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade - March 20th - 24th


WELCOME BACK!!! We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful spring break!

Lunch Menu:

Monday: Sloppy Joe Sandwich, Corn Dog, Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla, Mixed Veggies

Tuesday Breaded Beef Fingers w/ Roll, Chicken Parmesan w/ Breadstick, Beef Taco Pizza, Seasoned 5 way Mixed Veggies

Wednesday: BLT Dog, Mac N Cheese Dog, Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll, Tater Tots

Thursday: Baked Potato Bar, Cheesy Broccoli, w/ Roll Chili & Cheese w/ Biscuit, Grilled Cheeseburger, Cooked Carrots

Friday: Orange Chicken w/ Rice, Cheese Pizza, Beef Fingers, Potato Bowl, Pinto Beans


This week we will continue our review by looking at Expository and Persuasive texts and elements of both. We will continue working on how we analyze a text as we read, using our reading strategies, and questioning while we read.

No spelling & vocabulary this week! We are going to take this time to focus on reading skills and building confidence!!!


This week in math we will continue with review. We will focus on fractions, decimals, and geometry. Students will take a quiz on Wednesday over all content.


This week we are starting Unit 11: Adaptations and Learned & Inherited traits! This will be very exciting. We will start off the week with a lab that allows students to see what it would be like if we had certain adaptations and how we would have to work harder in the world around us. Then we will take some notes on animals and their different adaptations and what they are used for. At then end of the week we will be doing stations that have students make connections with animals ecosystems and how that animal has adapted to better survive!