SUPER Weekly Agenda

May 23-26, 2016

2015-2016 Priorities

  • Balanced Literacy
  • PBIS
  • Movement with Purpose

Monthly Focus Areas

College Readiness: (May/June)
  • E-mail will be sent with activities

Cultural Competency: Penny Fair Preparation and Research

House of Values: Safety - please review safety expectations at recess

Respect - review voice levels in the cafeteria (lunch duty). Remind students of the voice level they would use if out to eat with family.

Data Priorities

  • DIBELS: Continue progress monitoring at least bi-weekly for red and yellow until EOY testing
  • ISTEP Data Targets: ELA 60%, Math 54%

  • IREAD Pass Rate 2016: 77% (Met District Goal)

  • IREAD Data Target for June: 84% (Stretch Goal)

  • NWEA: How is your team using Skills Navigator to PM skills?

  • SRI: Go over EOY targets with students

  • Achieve 3000/Lexia: Are your students meeting their minutes?

Spirt Week

Next Thursday we will have Field Day. This year it will be to celebrate our House of Values. i would highly encourage reviewing all values next week. On Field Day we encourage your grade level to "own" a value and decorate your shirts in that way. So, if your value is Kindness you can be creative with your shirts in some way about kindness. The Field Day schedule will be sent out soon. Remember that on field day 1/2 of the day is spent in activities and 1/2 of the day is fun within your classroom. This could be something special you plan or downtime with a movie. The spirit days are listed below:

Monday: Mismatch Monday

Tuesday: SUPER Hero Day

Wednesday: Nerd Out Day

Thursday: Field Day - wear decorated shirts and appropriate gym shorts


  • Thank you Mrs. Lee for keeping up with our SRI/NWEA make-ups!
  • Thank you Mrs. Cole, Ms. Sitzman, and Mrs. Richards for serving on our current interview team!
  • Great job Ms. Harvey, Ms. Burt, and Ms. Ward for securing new grants! They currently received grants from Loews an Action for Healthy Kids!!

"Don't count the days. Make every day count!"


  • If you are a new teacher, make sure you walk through EOY checkout procedures with your team or mentor.
  • Please be proactive in scheduling your summative evaluation conference!
  • Please add completion of student data sheets to the EOY checklist.
  • Please start having students bring in pennies for the fair.
  • Make sure you communicate with families about the awards convocations and if their child will be receiving an EOY award.

Strengthening Whole Class Discussions

Sometimes we try to have great classroom discussions without planning and accountability. Check-out this article to learn more about strengthening your classroom discussions! I especially agree with wait time and promoting thinking and organizing thoughts before speaking. Some students need more process time. This is especially true for ESL students. Once everyone starts talking we limit them. Also, I LOVE the cup idea and would love to see someone try this out with our students!!

Great job Team Burt, Team FIsher, Team Sitzman, Team Cole, Team Kohler, Team Jacobs, and Team Perdue!! Great job Team Showalter for taking the lead in the middle school!

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Get Healthy!!

May is: National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, National Bike Month, National Salad Month

Morning Movement: For the remainder of the year we will do different MM each day.

Monthly Fit Focus: Promote National Physical Fitness and Sport Month

Activity Challenge: Play a game of sports charades with your class. Take turns guessing and acting out your favorite sports.

5 Star Family Challenge: