Reef Vacations

Visit the wonders of the natural world

The Great Barrier Reef

-Known as "One of Australia's most remarkable natural gifts"


The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest coral reef system located 1500 miles into the Pacific from the tip of Queensland, Australia.

-Things to do:

The Great Barrier reef is home to an enormous variety of different species and habitats making the amount of activities to experience endless. Besides common activities like diving, fishing and boating, many vacationers enjoy things that are only available in The Great Barrier reef. These memorable activities are listed below:

-Swimming with dwarf minke whales on the ribbon reefs off Port Douglas

-Snorkeling with turtles at a sand cay

-Dive among colourful coral gardens on the outer reef

-live-aboard dive boat for days and nights of underwater exploration

-Underwater scootering

-Helmet diving


There are more than 7000 accommodation rooms available for vacationing the Great Barrier Reef. Weather you perfer a international hotel in the city, a beachside resort or a retreat in the rainforest, Tropical North Queensland has the accommodation to please you. There are high-end five star international hotels and luxurious self-contained apartments, family-friendly motels, budget hostels, mid-range hotels, tropical resorts, private homes plus unique B&Bs.

-Passport Requirements:

You will require a current passport, with no less than six months validity, and tickets to an onward destination.

-Health and Safety:

Since the Great Barrier Reef is a great spot for enjoying the ocean, some safety per-cations need to be considered. No matter you experience in underwater diving, The Great Barrier Reef is home to very venomous marine life that could cause discomfort on your stay if you are not prepared. Be sure you have all the applicable safety equipment with you and take care to dive or snorkel with a partner, for safety sake.

-Restrictions on visiting:

The Great Barrier Reef could be taken off the tourism map by 2020 due to the effects of climate change and too many visitors

Apo Reef


The Apo Reef in the Philippines is the largest contiguous reef after the Great Barrier Reef. It covers 67,877 acres off the coast of Mindoro Island and is surrounded by a mangrove forest

-Things to do:

One of the best diving spots in the world, Apo Reef has three islands: Apo Island, Apo Menor and Cayos del Bajo with white sandy beaches ideal for recreation and sporting vacation. Its smooth current provides excitement and convenience to both beginners and advance divers.


There is no accommodation on the Apo Reef park islands so you need to be on a liveaboard. A few of these include Apo as a two day stop en route to another area – and this is certainly enough to see these reefs.

-Passport requirements:

Updated passport and an outward ticket is required

Be prepared to swim with dangerous wildlife if planning on diving

-Restrictions on visiting:

-Apo Reef was proclaimed as Protected Area under the category of Natural Park in 1996