Technology & Learning

Week of January 11, 2016

Conferences in Canvas

Remember DyKnow Vision? Canvas has their version of Vision in a feature called Conferences. Here is a video for Canvas instructors that gives an overview of Conferences. There are many cons to using Conferences with your students:

  • Lessons can be recorded and are available to students for future viewing.
  • Conferences are synchronous and interactive and teachers can upload files and share desktop with students.
  • Teachers can set up a lesson for students ahead of time, like a flipped lesson, or for when the teacher will not be in class but the work from students will continue.
Unlike DyKnow Vision, there is no collecting or sending files among students and teachers in Canvas Conference.

CamScanner App

Someone shared an app with me recently that I wanted to pass on. I installed the app on my phone and took a picture of a document. I can share that document as a PDF. You can crop it, straighten it, add color or take a document with color and make it B & W. It works with anything you you want to scan.

Before installing the app on your phone check to see if your phone camera can do all of these things.

Tech & Learning Resource

This has been my go-to site for all things tech and learning for several years and it continues to provide some valuable resources for teachers and administrators.

Here is the link for Tech & Learning for you to take a look.