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Dhoni’s retirement - mystery revealed

Every coin has two sides; similarly to this the world was divided into two different coin faces with the announcement of Captain Cool’s retirement. Some are die-hard fans who admire his decision to quit in the middle of a game. And on the other side, there are people who cannot take this. Not even a single person could have ever had a night mare that Dhoni would retire from the test form of cricket. Again like any other controversies there are people who think this to be a publicity stunt from Dhoni. But have they not given a thought for it, how can this be a publicity stunt. Will people ever sacrifice their entire life just for the sake of publicity?

It has been a struggle to comprehend the exact reason for this mystery and has taken rounds around the globe. The Bermuda Mystery looks small before this mystery. Retiring midway from a test is hard for us Indians because we respect the constitution and at the same time disrespect the procedure. This is in continuation to the previous article that will answer the present quest.

Thankfully, Dhoni has discovered the need of the hour and has decided to come forward and answer to the question that the world demands now. And to our astonishment he himself has brought a number of strong pointers into limelight.

The first and foremost thing is that Mahi didn’t wish to cumulate the number of loss under his captaincy. He felt this to be the appropriate juncture where he steps down and disassociates himself from other team members. And he mentioned it straight forwardly that a successful captain is the one who knows when to step down. Dhoni single handedly was responsible to draw the test and considers it to be honoured. He strongly feels that getting an opportunity to play again in Australia will hardly be possible as the skipper has already crossed 33 years of age.

It seems that the ex-skipper has some problem with Virat’s attitude. He feels that he has not been given the respect he deserves and hates Virat’s stares. Dhoni feels that being a leader has robbed the youth from him and all he has now are grey hairs.

What are the causes for all these around us? The answer is just a simple single word i.e. Pressure. Mahi felt he couldn’t withstand the demanding pressure and hence, he had decided to quit cricket. And to our wonders, to compensate his game craving – Dhoni has taken Indian Rummy as his sport. It’s true and acceptable that the game of Online Indian rummy will provide all kind of excitement and thrill that in one demand. A gateway to heaven is through the online 13 cards game of Indian Rummy.

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