Internet Safety

Rules to Keep Safe From Internet Dangers

What Is The Internet Anyway?

The internet lets you visit pretty much any place in the world, virtually. There are so many cool things to learn with just the click of a mouse. It is made up of computers all over the world. The internet can be searching the web, email, video games, computer games, or apps on your tablet or phone.

Rule Number One:

Always ask permission from a trusted adult to whether or not you are allowed on the computer. Never access the internet unless you are being supervised.

Rule Number Two:

You should always be polite to the people you may talk to online. Bullying is not just face to face and it hurts many people. You should tell your parents immediately if you are being bullied online.

Rule Number Three:

You should never share information to someone else like your name, phone number, address, or where you go to school. Not everyone online you talk to can be trusted. Just like you don't talk to strangers the people you meet online are still stranger so you should not trust them!

Rule Number Four:

Never accept anything from others who are not trusted. This means emails, invitations, or files online. Just like we get sick and go to the doctors, computers also get sick with viruses. We need to do our best to keep them from getting sick and not downloading anything without permission from a trusted adult. Also if you open something up and see something you don't think is appropriate, make sure to tell an adult ASAP!
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