Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of February 1, 2016

Mrs. Morton will be Absent for a few days.

My father in law is having a medical condition taken care of in Billings this week. I need to be there with him and my mother in law to support talking to doctors and driving in Billings. Please know, I will be out of town on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. If you need to contact me, please email me at or Class Message me. I will be checking both from time to time.

If you child is absent or is needing other pick up arrangements this week, please contact Skye with those messages. Thanks!

Valentine's Day Celebration

We will be having a Valentine's Day Celebration on Friday, February 12th. Please let me know if you would like to plan and host the celebration.

We will be exchanging cards on that day. Please have your child make or provide a card for every student in the class. Treats or small gifts are welcome as well as long as all students receive the treat or gift. I do request that students provide special gifts for their special friends outside of class as to not hurt anyone's feelings. Thanks for understanding.

You are also welcome to make a special box for the Valentines with your child to bring that day. If you are unable to make a box, I will have them make a Valentines bag to hold their goodies.

The students in our class are Alan, Brinley, Corbyn, Dawson, Emma, Gavyn, Jose, Kia, Madison, Madyson and Taylor.


Phonics Skill - We are working on understanding comparing words. These words end with er or est. For example... That dog is browner than the cat. The whale is the biggest mammal. We are also learning the -dge sound in words such as fudge, dodge, bridge, badge, etc.

At home have fun comparing items with your child. Ask them to make up sentences comparing things. For example, could say, "My pug is sleepier than my terrier."

Also they could try to rhyme words with adge, idge, odge and udge in the word. This is a

Comprehension Skill- We are working on drawing conclusions, Telling jokes or riddles are a wonderful way of helping your child with this skill at home.


faster, fastest, taller, tallest, shorter, shortest, sadder, saddest, bigger, biggest (The shields the kids made a few weeks ago will help them with understanding how to spell words with er and est. Remind them if the base word has a short vowel and two consonants such as fast, they just add er or est. If the base word has a short vowel and only one consonant they need to double the consonant then add er or est.)

High Frequency - Words to Know how to read quickly and easily

before, does, good-bye, oh, right, won't


This week we are going to be practicing counting numbers from 0 to 120. We will be practicing skip counting, recognizing counting patterns and writing numbers in a counting pattern. Practice counting by ones, twos, fives and tens with your child at home starting at any numbers between 0 and 120. Have them practice counting up and down in these patterns.

Our 100th day of school is on Wednesday. Please have them bring in 100 items for our 100th day Museum by Wednesday. Please see the baggie and note.