Graphing Transformations

By Angelina Obando


For my reflection i crossed over the x-axis. When reflecting over the x-axis x will stay the same but the y-value will become it's additive inverse.

These are my ordered pairs

A(4,8)reflection: (4,-8)

B(6,4)reflection: (6,-4)

C(3,7)reflection: (3,-7)

A Reflection doesn't change the size or shape of a figure. The figure is basically mirrored.

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A rotation is when figure is turned around a point of rotation that doesn't move.

These are my ordered pairs

A(8,4) A'(4,-8)

C(2,9) C'(9,-2)

B(4,2) B'(2,-4)

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A dilation creates similar figures because the angles are congruent but the sides are all proportional based on the scale factor used.

These are my ordered pairs,the scale factor was 1/2

A(8,10) A'(4,5)

B(2,4) B'(1,2)

C(8,4) C'(4,2)

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