"Call of the Wild" Theme


Adaptability plays a major role in the story The Call of the Wild. One of Buck's main adaptions was his muscle. With all the work Buck was doing, he began to develop a very muscular figure. This allows him to not only pull the sled quickly and efficiently, but also allows him to earn money for John Thornton when his skills are put to the test in chapter six. According to the author, “He was in perfect condition, not an ounce of superfluous flesh, and the one hundred and fifty pounds that he weighed were so many pounds of grit and virility.” On page 59, it also says “…the muscles showed in tight rolls underneath the skin. Men felt these muscles and proclaimed they were hard as iron…”. In other words, Buck’s body becomes perfectly adapted to the Klondike.

Without being able to adapt to the harsh environment of the Klondike, Buck would not have been able to survive as long as he did. This is a main reason why adaptability is the theme of "The Call of the Wild".