Mission Santa Barbara

By Wendy Flores

Mission History

Mission Santa Barbara was built in 1789. Santa Barbara was the10th mission to be built. The Chumash Tribe built Santa Barbara. The founder of the mission was Frey Serra. On December 4 a very important ceremony was held. In February 1824 a revolt by neophytes started at mission Santa Barbara.

Daily Life at Mission

The Chumash Indians, the Spanish, the priests, and the missionaries, lived there. Fr.Narciso Duran was the one that was in charge. The Indians, woman, did all the work. The kind of jobs needed to be done where fold the clothes, make meals, ring the bell, gather food and weave some clothes. The crops that were growing were corn, wheat, cattle , and sheep. There was a school and the person who attended was Friar, neophytes, two missionaries. There was a church and there were other buildings were workers quarters, pottery, reservoir, cemetery, and granary. There was no free time in mission Santa Barbara. There are two matching bells each bell was 87 feet tall, and 20 feet square.


Mission Santa Barbara

Today Mission Santa Barbara is open. There are field trips to Santa Barbara. There is a church. To mission Santa Barbara there are museums.


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Mission Santa Barbara, Amy Margaret Copy right 1996

Mission Santa Barbara, Amy Margaret, 1996