Reach out and Read SMORE

Arien Hodge

Reach out and Read. What is it?

This charity deals with the youngest population in America. It helps them to succeed as they find educational, informative, and age appropriate books. This is most effective by pairing the child with a doctor to master their reading style. It promotes the child and the rest of the family to be involved as to what they read and how it's interpreted.

I'm promoting this charity, because i think that it is important. The literacy rate of our country is rapidly plummeting. This charity does more than improve this issues, by getting the family involved. The child won't feel as if he/she is alone trying to read and understand the prescribed book, because someone from the family and the doctor will be involved every step of the way. They will be there to encourage, support, and understand the book just as the child is.

Reach out and read. Does it work?

This charity is proven that it works. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals are sure to insure that your child will more than benefit. Studies have shown that the more a child reads, the more he/she knows. Imagine more than just America reaching out and reading. This charity allows the world to make a change in the way we learn and communicate.

Reach Out And Read National Center

This charity is very popular to some, but still a stranger to most. Here is more information about how to contact or learn more about Reach Out And Read.