Haiku Deck

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CCSS Relevance

  • Independence: Students independently create in order to articulate ideas, synthesize information, and show understanding.
  • Presentation: Students respond to varying audience and purpose in order to refine and share their knowledge and understanding across various content.
  • Integration: Students refine their ability to evaluate and determine specific content to subsequently integrate into a cohesive presentation.
  • Strategic Technology: Students learn to harness technology as a resource and important tool to further their understanding and to employ as a thoughtful communication tool.


  • Sensory Poems
  • Math Walks
  • Story Telling
  • Book Retells
  • Reports
  • Flash Cards
  • Visual Paragraph Outline
  • Main Ideas/Details
  • How To
  • Connections
  • Introduce Lessons
  • High Frequency Word Sentences
  • Student Presentations
  • Photo Essays
  • ...the ideas are endless!!!

Tips for success

Create an Account
  • Student work is NOT saved on the iPad! You need to have an account to store student creations on the Haiku Deck site. From there you can download and share via email to parents and others.

Exploring Time

  • Get the 'wow' factor out of the way and have the first session with the App be exploration time so students get used to it and don't waste precious time when working on an actual project. They can create an 'About Me' deck!

Monitor Image Search

  • Haiku Deck pulls its images from Creative Commons and, once in a great while, they can be suggestive in nature. You can narrow the students search using keywords that you tested before hand, or have them only use uploaded pics, or have them only take pics for their project.

Turn off All-Caps

  • All caps are great for titles and headers, but if the students are working on sentences and stories using Haiku Deck, you'll want to turn it off. You can do that in the settings (gear icon on main page).

Other Haiku Deck Resources

Check out the online version of this flyer for links to real examples: