Ancient India


Geoghraphy in India

the Geography in India, The Ganges river, the Indian ocean and the Himalayas Mountains. The climate in India was TROPICAL. India is called the Subcontinent is because it is not large enough to be a continent.

India's Daily Life

Homes: Homes were made with Bamboo, wood, with a thatched roof.

Clothes: Men and woman wore colorful robes. The Men wore the Dhoti. Woman wore Sair.

Food: They farmed and ate thing like grapes, dates, wheat, peas, and melons. They only have 3 meals a day. Most Indians are vegetarians.

Education: Most people were not educated. But higher class boys were educated. Guru means teacher and they were well respected. their schools were called ashrams.

Jobs: Jobs could be musician, teacher, governor, most people were FARMERS . some people were artiest. Carpenters, doctors, and goldsmiths.

Entertainment: Children played with toys like whistles, dancing, swimming, small carts, chess, and pet monkeys.

Indias Govement

Government: Government in India has a Monarchy that means they had a king.


Math: they created the number 0, and decimals.

Sports: Martial arts, judo and karate were said to begin in India, and polo.

Games: chess, cards, Snakes and Ladders, and parches.


Religion: Hindus believe there is only one god.

interesting fact: Hinduism is oldest religion among the large existing religion.

Main gods and goddesses: Brahma, Krishna, rama, Druga, kailand more.

Buddhism: Everything I life is impermanent and always changing.

interesting facts: Buddha was found 2.500 years ago.