my little pony

friendship is magic

meet the mane six

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twilight sparkle (aka book horse)

the newly crowned princess of friendship has come a long way from her first day in ponyvile. although a princess she still faces many hardships that she will undoubtedly overcome with her friends
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applejack (aka the cowpony)

this rodeopony is honest to her apple core, although sometimes letting her stubbornness get the better of her. she is hardworking and will stop at nothin' to help out her friends and family.
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rainbowdash (aka awesome danger dash)

ponyvile's best and awesomeness flier ever. she lets almost everything go to her head and is very egotistical. despite her ego she will rush in to save her friends if they are ever in a jam truly the most loyal friend you could have.
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rarity (fasionestia marshmallow)

posh and pristine, rarity radiates beauty and grace to all that meet her. with her charm and unrivaled generosity she is an amazing friend to have. but behind that beautiful face is hours of hard work and pressure as she continuously makes more creations for her boutique
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fluttershy (shy)

the quietest of the six flutters is shy sweet and kind, a bit hesitant at meeting new people but once you get to know her she is the kindest pony around taking care of the animals of the forest that have gotten injured or sick.
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pinkiepie (pink party pony)

you defiantly wont be bored around this laughing ball of fun. pinkie is the absolute party pony who wont go anywhere with out spreading smiles on faces everywhere, always equipped with her party cannon she some how remembers everyone she has ever met and their birthday, throwing suprize partys every week. she is spontaneous and is sure to get the party rolling with a song or a joke.