How dose music effect people?

By:Stephanie Valle

How has music developed?

Music has developed dramatically, music is every where, and it is still continuing to change and evolve. It really started when a caveman started to grunt, groan, and whine then more started to join followed by hitting rocks and logs and well that's how music started by being mad and banging on stuff.But thanks to us humans we began to form language and know in the earlier time we developed music into something more special and beautiful.Their are a lot of types of music like hip hop, jazz, romance, funk, and many more.Music came in different way like rock and country spawned into southern rock, progressive and jazz came into acid jazz, and after disco came break dancing and many more followed.In 1955-58 people were at parties where all they wanted to do was dance and their dancing was so, energetic and their music was up moving,cheerful and it just makes you want to dance.1959-71 music started to change and in that time it was all about love. Artist started to sing about how a girl made them feel,how a girl broke their heart, that they want them back, or them miss him/her it was all pretty much about romance and heart breaks.1976-81 it was all about people having fun, being young, and crazy even the rhythm to it shows it.1982-88 Michelle Jackson was introduced and became famous.In 1989-93 it was all about sexual things but it had this electric rhythm.1994-05 it was all about teens and their adventures.2000-07 it was more about people wanting to be more strong, to fight for what they want, and a little about violence. Today, we have all sorts of music like people in gangs,how they became on top, and playing with people.Music has changed and developed a lot and it wont stop to change or even develop.
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How singers affect other people with their music?

Singer are people who sing to inspire others,they sing because they love to do that, to be known, and also, to make history.They are the ones that we look up to, that makes us who we are, and that shows us what we want to be or want to accomplish.They tell us a story with their lyrics and show us who they are,what they have been through,and we compare them to ourselves with what they have experienced. An example was James Brown known as 'Godfather of Soul.'He had won many award with many #1 hits but mainly inspired people to be themselves and to just have fun. People know in days that inspire people are Lady Gaga with her crazy outfit and makeup. She and her music has showed people that it is okay, to be or show you're crazy side,the person you really are, and to be one of a kind.And Lady Gaga is the person that has showed that without any regrets. Nicki Minaj with her strong women side and her rapping. She affected people with her music and showing people that even girls can accomplish what guy can,she also teach girls to never back down on what they want,to always be in charge, and to respect yourself.Sometimes you never know you've gotten inspired by someone until you sit there in memorie land and realized their music has affected you.

Can music help us in different ways we haven't even thought of?

I never knew music really impacted us, that without it we would be living? That it affects our health, pain, and eating methods? i always thought it only helped us with our emotions, our thoughts, and our mood! But I guess, its just half of the story. Music can helps us when we are under pressure it relaxes our nervous system and tells us to relax that everything is under control as long as you have me.An example would be a basketball player in the middle of a free-throw he feels the pressure everyone has on him because everyone is counting on him to make it. But studies show that if he lessons to music that is catchy and upbeat before he does his free-throw, he wouldn't feel all that pressure,wouldn't be nervous, and would concentrate better. Player that have a big game coming up showed lesson to upbeat music before going on to play.Scientist have seen that people that are going to surgery are stressed,worried, and unsure of themselves. They have studied that with music it puts them to ease, it makes them think of other other things, and also makes them go to happy thoughts when they are waiting for their surgery. And when your out of surgery it also ease your pain when you start to lesson to relaxing music our your favorite music.So,that is a major benefit for nearly four million people who get heart surgery each year in the U.S.The one i really found interesting was music helping you eat less.Studies show that if you are eating and put soft music and dime the lights it can help you slow down and ultimately consume less food. Maybe,because slowing down makes them think of their eating chooses and makes them think of being full. So, music can impact us in many different ways that maybe, we never knew of until now hast why people say music and life is changing dramatically.

How dose music describe how we feel?

Music is a big part of us you can even say "Music is our everything" and that without music "We aren't ourselves" and it's kind of true.Sometimes we don't even appreciate it because we never knew how it really impacts us in your daily life and i think without music we would never know how to describe how we feel about love, happiness, sadness, or even how we feel at the end of the day.But music is what makes us feel, it help us describe what we can't explain, and maybe sometimes show. It all has to do with the words we say, the rhythm of the beat and the motions we do when we listen to music. If we lesson to a sad song and see sad thing we feel them.We remember something about a time when we was sad. Or maybe let's say we lesson to a happy cheerful song we remember a happy time (Like for example when you won a game or your first date or maybe, when you won something from the fair) and so, that's why we start to feeling emotional. Music is like a roller coaster that you can never tell what your going to feel or know whats going to happen, its our way of being free, it's a way to escape, and push pause in the real world.Music is what makes us human, makes us feel, and realize we are who we are, that's what music is.