caden's bucket list

#1- rope swinging

i would go rope swinging, with my cousin alice. this is located in austin tx, physical, running water wind and gravity caused erosion
This 600ft Rope Swing Bungee Jump Is Your Childhood Dream on Acid Never Before, Never Again, Ep

2: scuba diving with dolphins

i would do this when im older so my niece would be older too. atlantis in dubai phisical wheathering water wind and waves caused erosion
Diving with dolphins at Atlantis in Dubai
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# 3: base jumpping

base jumping is when u jump off of some thing i would with a old friend john. this is phisical wheathering and graity caused eroson
Turbolenza: We are not crazy... WE ARE AMAZING!
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#4: racing at a Jr. dragster

i would do this with my family its physical wheatering and erosion because they poured cement i want to go to it in houston
New Track Record in Junior Dragster

#5: build a buisness

i would do this with my dad physical wheathering and erosion change the ground
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