Billy and Sam's Pleasure Story

A story of Santa vs. Darth Vader vs. Donny T.

In a galaxy far far away, in a place called Shreve,(really only 4 miles away) Santa was delivering presents to a kid with the name of Ronald McDonald, who is the mascot of McDonald's. Santa had just put a mankini under the tree and pulled out his list.

He read,”The next person on my list is that only storm trooper that was actually aimed his gun this year, so I better get going to the Death Star.” So Santa got into his sleigh and took off for the Death Star, although it was going to be a dangerous trip.

Halfway there a light saber came flying by his face. Santa looked up and saw Yoda and Donny T., flying on a hover board.

"Why have you thrown this light saber, for now i will have to give you coal," yelled Santa.

Then a laser came flying by his face and Darth Vader yelled," Who threw this green light saber." That is when Santa took off for the North Pole from space. Then Donny T. floored the hover board and Yoda flew off and fell into the dark, endless pit.

Santa flew as quick as he could but, he fell off because he was going to quick. Donny T. jumped off right behind him. They both blacked out.

When Santa woke up he was tied to a wall in the men's bathroom in McDonald's. Beside him was Darth Vader, the a commander of the death star, and Donny. They were both tied and knocked out.

That's when they heard a high pitched voice say," It's all your fault! You had to give me a mankini for Christmas and now i got banned from here!"

That's when Santa said," Ronald, why not have breakfast with us all." Ronald agreed so they untied them all and they all had breakfast it was peaceful for the rest of the morning for them.

The End for Ronald's poor life, on the front lines of McDonald's

"I don't want to go!" I promise i forgot!"

"Tell the judge!" yelled the cop.


  • Compound Sentence~Green
  • Prepositional Phrase~Blue
  • Appositive Phrase~Red
  • Participial Phrase~Purple
  • Adjective Clause~Pink
  • Adverb Clause~Orange