Fat Soluble Vitamins

-Benjamin Alvarado

What are they?

-Vitamins A, D, E and K

The body stores them for a long time.

Consuming too much of these vitamins are toxic, however, they are needed to function.

VItamin A

-helps eyesight

-keeps skin healthy

-helps with growth of body organs
Without enough...
-night blindness
-dry skin

VItamin E

-protects lungs against pollution damage

-helps keep heart healthy

-may help protect against cancer
Without enough...
-nerves and red blood cells get destroyed

Vitamin K

-helps make blood clot

-helps keep bones healthy
Without enough...

Vitamin D

-Needed for bone strength
Without enough...

-weak or deformed bones

V.----Vitamins are needed for the human body.

I.----Intesines absorb the most of the vitamins.

T.-----Toxicity of Vitamin A can be fatal.

A.-----About 90% of Vitamin A is absorbed in the small intestine.

M.----Megadoses can be toxic for the body.

I.----Immune systems function better with these vitamins.

N.----Nutritinally important forms of vitamin D include D2 & D3.

S.----Storage for these vitamins are in the liver & fatty tissue.

A.-----A is known as Retinol.

D.-----Diseases caused by lack of fat soluble vitamins are rare in the U.S.

E.----Essential vitamins include all the fat soluable vitamins.

K.----K stand for the German word for clotting, koagulation.