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Wolverine (Gulo Gulo)

Things to know

The wolverine lives in high elevation places, in, above, or around timber. The locations that you will most likely see a wolverine is the rugged. When looking for a Wolverine the main things that you will see is the white or tan patch on the top of their head or chest. The most important thing you will need to know when encountering one of these animals is that they have very sharp front teeth that could serverly injury you or could cause death. The wolverine has become extinct due to the change in climate. The Wolverine lives mostly in the cold and snowy places in the world. The last known sighting of the wolverine was in the 1800's in the predated state of Michigan. DNA of a Wolverine was found in 2004 but Michigan wrote it off as an escaped zoo animal.

Plans on the Recovery

When the Wolverine is recovered I plan on finding it a new cold habitat that it can live in and where it will have food. I am planning on moving the Wolverine to a place that is cold year round, such as Alaska, Canada, or Iceland. Keeping the Wolverine away from hot climates and weather is the key.