The Underdogs

Written by: Mike Lupica

Book Review

There he was stuck in Forbes, Pennsylvania, would Will Tyler get to play football this season? The Forbes Flyers sneaker company goes out of business, who employed half of the town as well as sponsored the Forbes football team. Will was sitting at the table one day after he found out he was running out of ideas to have a football team and he went for the home run just for the heck of it and writes a letter to New Balance and asks for the money to sponsor his team, who needed money to get new uniforms.

4 questions

    • Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme? Will Tyler is the main character, as well as his dad.
    • What was the author’s purpose for writing this book? Mike Lupica's reason for writing this book is you do not have to give up on your dreams. With a little work you can get what you want to help get a sponsor for your team.
    • What did you enjoy about the book? What I enjoyed about the book was that Will was always doing something that had to do with football. He reminded me of myself at some points in the story.
    • Why would you recommend this book? I would recommend this book because there is life lessons in it that we all learned as a child. It brings you back to your childhood life and look back at how little we knew.