Concentration Camps


Family members say goodbye to a child through a fence at the ghettos central prison where children, the sick, and elderly were held before deportation to Chelmno. Chelmno is a concentration camp where millions of Jewish people work till they die or just get murdered. This camp killed at least 152,000 Jewish people between December 1941 to March 1943. The camp tried to cover up that they killed anyone so they murdered all of the labors that survived to that point A numerous amount of Jewish people were killed in Chelmno a concentration camp in Poland.

Many people were murdered in this camp or worked to death. Almost 152,000 Jewish people died in Chelmno. The article says "The camp police killed at least 152,000 people at Chelmno between December 1941 and March 1943." Anyone involved with the camp was murdered because they wanted to cover up there crimes. The article states"... Operation 1005 and to obliterate any evidence of mass murder operations the camp police shot about half of the 80,000 men who were laborers there." Chelmno was an awful camp to be at.

Chelmno was responsible for thousands of Jewish peoples death including working people to death. One hundred fifty two thousand is the number of people that died in this camp during December 1941 to March 1943. The camp police wanted to hide there wrong doings so they murdered everybody who was in the camp and whoever knew about it. Only seven people survived this camp.