Autism Toilet Paper

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Tools to Add to the ToolBox

Considering autism is a spectrum disorder and no two individuals with it will experience it the same way, how as educators, do we possibly prepare to teach them? The first step is understanding the characteristics of autism (communication, social, restricted interest and possibly sensory), then consider how much each characteristic impacts your student, and finally look for ways to support the areas you identified. There are some basic tools that tend to work well with all individuals on the spectrum.

CPS Autism Spectrum Disorders Team

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) , Their Families and The Teachers Who Educate Them

Who Will Be Next Month's Shining Light? Show Us The Possibilities

Know an employee of CPS (teacher, paraprofessional, specialist, custodian, bus driver, cook, secretary, principal, etc) that strive to engage, connect, appreciate, or interacts with a student on the spectrum. Use the QR code with a QR reader on an iPad or smartphone to find the form nominate that person. Nominations will be selected each month and small tokens of appreciation will be shared. Individuals not selected will be re-entered for the next month's selection. This is our way of acknowledging all the pieces of the puzzle that support individuals with Autism.