Career development

Decision making

Decision Making

When making decisions I tend to follow the Behavioral Style. People with this decision making style are Sociable, Friendly, Supportive, Interpersonal social orientation, Has a talent for building teams and encouraging, Action orientated, Motivated by acceptance by peers and avoids conflict. I also can be too concerned about others, ''Wishy-washy'', can't make hard decisions, can't say no.
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My words are , feeling, logical, day dreaming, detail, creative, control, visual, planned, big picture, emotional, adventurous, belief, art, uses feeling, music, cautious, and practical.

My personality test

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#1 blue

I have a strong need to make a difference to in the lives of others. I enjoy making others feel good, I am easily motivated, I am generally polite and I use manners, I express myself through emotions, I think of others, I'm a peace maker, and I consider myself a trust worthy person.
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#2 orange

I am a fun loving person, i'm creative, I adapt to places and people quickly, I like to go on adventures, I am generous also.
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#3 gold

I am loyal, I like detailed things, and I am responsible, I am some what organized, I am dependable.
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#4 green

I often ask ''why'' to most things. I have high standards, I enjoying learning new things. I search for answers. I learn with more of a visionary perspective.