R.M.S Titanic Consparacy Theroy

By: Emily Hale

Explain My Final Theroy

I am researching the scatter theory. The scatter theory is the belief that the titanic sank a few miles before completely breaking up.

why i chose this theroy:

I chose this theory because it was one of the two theory’s that made sense to me out of the three theories that I researched. Here are some facts about this theory and the titanic:

-the debris scatter rang is 2 miles long

-a life boat drill was supposed to take place on the day the titanic crashed

-the life boats still had the Olympic emblem on them

-the 3rd class passengers had only 2 baths for 700 people

-2 suites had their own baths

why i dismissed the blast theroy

The reasons I dismiss the blast theory was because: First, I did not really understand it. Second, It is not possible for a fire to burn when it engulfed in water. Third, they found evidence that equipment broke loose and made the hole bigger. Forth, I thought there were people always manning the coal stations?