Tokyo, Japan

-Destinee Juarez-

Airfare Cost and Schedule

My trip is from Denver, Co to Tokyo, Japan. My flight will take off at 7:05am from Denver, Co, fly to Los Angeles, CA and from there take me to my final destination, Tokyo, Japan arriving at 4:00. I will be flying with American Airlines in first class. The flight back will take me from Tokyo, Japan, at 3:55pm and will fly back to California then fly back to Denver, Co landing at 6:15pm. After all of the airfare traveling the total cost of all the airfare itself is $10614 including taxes. My trip will be from April 15th through April 30th of 2014.;jsessionid=4451DB1516C5F332CFBA0785D22D73A3


While enjoying my trip in Tokyo, my lodging is also a great luxury to have. The hotel I will be staying in is called The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. The Madarin Oriental Tokyo is a five-star hotel because of its beautiful texture inside and outside. It has free wi-fi, a relaxing peaceful indoor spa with glass windows, plus a 10ft by 5ft pool, suites with a comforting king size bed with a large glass window that has a perfect view of downtown Tokyo, Japan, a bathroom the size of a kitchen with a hot tub sized bathtub and a glassed steam shower, and last but not all a wonderful luxury lobby with smooth cotton chairs and dimmed mellow lights.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

While traveling you could face many problems. To begin with the basics, you could get sick, loose your luggage or personal values, your flight could be delayed/canceled, you could get jet lag, ect. To avoid problems such as jet lag or stolen luggage follow some of these solutions...

1. To avoid jet lag, try to fall asleep throughout your flight

2. You can check the status on your flight to avoid delays or cancelation

3. If your lugage is stolen or lost you can report it


After 15 days in Tokyo, Japan, I've seen the beautiful landscape and have had the most amazing experiencing, in Tokyo after staying in a soothing luxury hotel and taking a tour on a cruise and visiting the most cultural museum of Japanese art and historical stories ever told. After vacationing this amazing place I will be looking onward to visiting Tokyo again in a couple of years.