Pollution Patrol

Be a Part of the Solution, not Pollution!!!

Make a Notion, Save the Ocean!

Water pollution is killing lots of marine life. We are trying to help prevent these things. We know we can't remove all of the pollution from this world, but we can stop adding to the count of water bottles in the ocean
Water Pollution

The Video Maker/Owner

theKKfactory is the owner of this video so give full credit to him for the vido.

Raffle Tickets

We haven't announced a day yet, but we are doing a raffle for water pollution.

(3rd Place- T-shirt of 3 different choices, your choice)------> Some of the shirts have things such as Save the Sea, or Be part of the Solution, not the Pollution.

(2nd Place- Yeti Cozy & Shirts ^)

(1st Place- 20$ Gift Card)