Criminal Justice System

By: Brandon Jaramillo, Davis Biddle, and Percy Pickett

Important Words and Meanings

Warrant-Written authority to make an arrest or conduct a search or seizure.

Arraignment-Pre-trial court appearance in which an accused person answers formal charges mad against him or her with a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Grand Jury-A group of citizens who decide if there is enough evidence of a crime to send the accused to a trial.

Indictment-Formal accusation that leads to a trial.

Parole-Release from prison or jail before the full term is up on codition of lawful behavior and with the requirement of a regular reporting to an officer of the court.

Main Ideas

  • When law enforcement officials believe someone is guilty of a crime they place that person under arrest.
  • Police and other law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, CIA, courts, jails, and prisons work together to deal with crime in our communities.
  • In a trial prosecution the defentent with a lawyer, the judge, and usually a jury consider evidence and laws related to the case.