Lake Windsor Times

Top Ten Events and the Tragic Death of Mike Costello

The Ten Latest Events at Lake Windsor

  • School started on August 28
  • Football tryouts started on August 23
  • Erik Fisher, a newcomer, makes the football team's kicker
  • Soccer tryouts were on Friday, September 1st
  • Gino Deluca makes Lake Windsor Middle Soccer Team Captain
  • Paul Fisher, Erik Fisher's brother, who has very weak eyes, makes the Middle School Soccer Team
  • Lightning strikes Mike Costello dead at football practice
  • Also, the muck fires are still burning (like they ever stop)
  • A sinkhole swallows all the middle school portables
  • Relocation meetings will start on Tuesday, September 12th

MOYA Issues in Tangerine

There are several MOYA issues in Tangerine. One of them is that there is sibling rivalry between Erik and Paul. The cause of this is because Erik gets all the attention from being a football star while Paul doesn't get much attention because he can't see very well. It has effected how Erik and Paul's parents view them. Another MOYA issue in Tangerine is that Paul's parents don't truly trust him. They don't really trust him because to them he can't see. The effect is that most adults will view him the way his parents do. One more MOYA issue in Tangerine is that Paul isn't very confident in himself because he doesn't think he can change anything about Tangerine when he thinks how the rest of his family will change something. The effect is that he won't achieve anything unless he starts to believe in himself. Those are just some MOYA problems in Tangerine.

Lake Windsor Middle Spirit Night

As part of Lake Windsor Middle School tradition, we would like all students to join us for a night of fun and games. The event will take place in the Lake Windsor Middle Cafeteria. Try not to eat before because we will be serving Chick-fil-a at the Spirit Night. Part of the money from the dinner will go towards building new portables. Also we will be announcing the fundraiser plan for Lake Windsor Middle. We hope you will join us at 5:00-7:30 on Thursday, September 14th

Tradegy Strikes: The Story behind Mike Costello's Death

When Mike Costello got hit by lightning, his body went flying through the air and landed on his back on the zero yard line. Once he hit the ground, all the players and the coach rushed to him and started to do CPR. Then Erik Fisher's dad called 911. By the time the ambulance got there, nothing had changed about Mike Costello's condition. Then the doctors in the ambulance used an AED but it was no use. Rumor has it that he died before he hit the ground. Since the AED and CPR didn't work we have suspected that this is true. We all are very sad and miss Mike very much.

Erik's Lfe v.s. Paul's Lfe

Erik and Pau's lives are very different. For starters their sport interests are different. Paul is interested in soccer while even though Erik used to do soccer, he prefers football since it gets more attention. Also, they have different personalities. Paul's personality is good natured and helpful while Erik's is cruel. They're personalities are no way, what so ever, alike. Finally Erik gets more attention overall by their parents because to them he seems like a football player. While Paul seems like an above average goaltender in soccer but doesn't get all the glory. All in all, Paul and Erik's lives are very different than each other.