Owl vs Owl

By, Alexa Compton and Angelo Taluy

The Borel Owl

The Boreal owl is an interesting owl. First it is a nocturnal bird of prey just like most owls. The latin meaning of borel is “of the north” It is about 8-12 in. long and 7-8 ounces.The Wingspan is 20-25 in. It lives in dense northern woods and it hunts for small mammals such as voles, lemmings, and mice, in the nearby grasslands. The sweet call is Tingg-Tingg-Tingg-Tingg-Tingg-Tingg-Tingg. When they nest the owls usually nest in an abandoned woodpecker hole,When they lay eggs they lay 4-7 eggs. Lastly, the young fly about 32 days after they hatch.



The Boreal Owl mostly lives in europe and it it also found in Northern US.

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The Eastern Screech Owl

camouflage eastern owl hiding on the side of a tree. Because they live by bears sometimes because they like to live in woods and the bears are too big.Eastern screech owls like the woods because the food like bug,small birds.The eastern screech owl likes to live in small holes that a woodpecker made because they make it easy for the babies to not fall out. Or for other animals can't see them because they don't got all their feathers so it is easy to see them without feathers.Because they don't camouflage with the tree.It takes a year for the babies to become a adult.For the babies deit it is beetles,spiders and frogs.The adults deit is meat like fox and they eat fish like crayfish.


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  • The Boreal owl weighs 7-8 ounces
  • The Eastern Screech owl weighs also 7-8 ounces
  • The Boreal Owl is about 8-12 in. long
  • The Eastern Screech owl 7-10 in long so they are mostly the same size


  • The Boreal owl hunts in the nearby grass lands
  • The Eastern Screech owl hunts in open woodlands and abandoned orchards
  • The Boreal Owl lays 6-7 eggs
  • The Eastern Screech Owl lays 4-5 eggs


Camouflage- To disguise into something.

Diet- Food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effect on health.

Latin- An italic language spoken in accent Rome, fixed in the 1st or 2nd century b.c., and established as the official language of the Roman Empire.

Lemmings- A small mouse-like rodent.

Nocturnal- Active at night.

Woodpecker- Any of numerous climbing birds in the family Picidae, having a hard, chiselike bill that it hammers repeatedly into wood of search of insects, stiff tail feathers to assist in climbing, and usually more or less boldly patterned plumage.