All about Bats

How bats look?

Did you know there was a kind of bats called "The Flying Fox"

Bats are creatures that look like mice with wings. There are a few kinds of bats. All look a little the same and some have huge difference. One of the most famous kind is the "Flying Fox". They are called like that because of their snout. Not all bats are black, gray and brown, Some are even light brown and light orange.

A bat is a really bizarre looking creature!!!

Where do bats live?

Did you know that bats live in caves.

Well i thought so. in this paragraph i will talk about where bats live.

The most famous place where bats live are caves. They live there because they need it quiet. Not all bats live in caves some live in trees and houses. the ones who live on trees are mostly found in the warm lands of Africa. Some people help bat by building extra houses who are called " Bat houses".

So when you see a bat at your houses resting make sure you will be quiet.

What do bats eat?

Bats are not picky when it comes to food. Most bats like meat like insects but some are also fruit eaters. A bat can eat 500-1000 mosquitoes per hour. The ones who eat fruits like to eat oranges, apples and other fruits.

Bats are just hungry night owls!!!

What do baby bats eat?

A baby bat needs rest. At the begining a baby bat needs just milk.

When it groes up it eats what the other bats are eating.

baby bat eating and care

Extra information

A bat is a "Nocturnal" animal. The word nocturnal means that a creature or animal sleeps when it's daytime and hunts when it's night.

Now you know the word that means when a bat is awake at night and sleeps at night. Remember it!!!