Joyceville PS Week Ahead

September 28-October 2, 2015

Cultivating Critical Thinking in Responsive Learning Environments

Good job with our planned and surprise fire drills last week! Both times we exited and accounted for students quickly! The fire marshall did give us some feedback:

  • All doors need be shut. Shutting doors not only slows the spread of fire but keeps smoke from contaminating other rooms even if a fire were too be contained.

Please review with your hallmates who will take responsibility for shutting bathrooms, staff rooms and non-classrooms (boys and girls club, staffroom etc.) and review with students how necessary it is to shut the classroom door. Thanks for your attention to this.

We will have our third fire drill for the fall later this week. Starting Monday, staff who use the front entrance near Keith's room will need to use the alternate exit Rick posted until the construction is done out front.

At the beginning of the year, Keith distributed a tech survey. As we move forward with plans to use our mobile tech as effectively as possible and augment what we have, it would be good to get input from everyone. So if you have not had a chance to do this already, I encourage you to complete the tech survey and return it to Keith.

Have a great week!


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Try This!

How well do you know your students?

(Activity from Don Graves mentioned in a TeachThought article by Mike Anderson.)

  1. Create a 3-column chart.
  2. In the left column write the names of all your students' names in the order in which you remember them. (Just this alone can interesting. Who do your remember first? Who do you struggle to remember?)
  3. In the middle column, write down one positive thing about each student that doesn't have anything to do with school work (e.g. Jenny likes horses. Matt skateboards. etc.).
  4. In the third column, put a check if you have talked with the student about this thing. This helps us recognize how well we know our students, and perhaps more importantly, how well they know we know them!
  5. For students you struggled to remember, or for ones you didn't know as much about, make a commitment to connect with them in the next few days.

This Week

Monday, September 28th, Day 4

  • Frontenac's ticket orders due
  • Health and Safety Inspection (Rick and Heather) - let us know if you have any Health and Safety concerns

Tuesday, September 29th, Day 5

  • Hot lunch starts

Wednesday, September 30th, Day 1

Thursday, October 1, Day 2

Friday, October 2, Day 3

  • Terry Fox Walk followed by Colour House Activities

Upcoming Dates

October 5-9: Grade 6/7 Beyond Classrooms at Agnes Etherington

October 7: Frontenacs game

October 9: Grade 7/8 immunizations


  • E-training and Offence Declaration due by October 2nd
  • Refer to list of APs to review (in Sept Start-up task memo) - sign off on list posted in my office once reviewed
  • Please use the electronic calendar in Outlook to check for or add scheduled events. Go to Joyceville Staff Collaboration Group. Click on 3 dots, select calendar.