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The person who discovered cobalt is Georg Brandt and he discovered it in 1735. Cobalt got its name from kobold which is German for "goblin" or "evil spirit". Cobalt is a rare metal because it only takes up .0029% of the Earth's crust.

This is a picture of Georg Brandt, the founder of cobalt.

Cobalt's melting point is at 2,723°F, Cobalt's freezing point is below 2,723°F and cobalt's boiling point is 5,198°F. Cobalt's atomic number is 27 and it's atomic mass is about 59. Cobalt is able to be drawn out into thin wires to use for machines. Cobalt is not flammable unless in powder form. Cobalt’s density is 8.9 at 68 °F. If you inhale cobalt dust it could cause breathing problems and if you get is on your skin it could irritate your skin and make you itchy.

About 65% of cobalt is the U.S is used for making alloys mostly superalloys and super alloys are used for being put under extreme pressure mostly at high temperatures. Cobalt is needed by animals and plants because of the Vitamin B12 in it. Cobalt looks like a silver and gray tinted metal. Cobalt is a transition metal on the periodic table.

These are examples of pure cobalt

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