Out of My Mind

By Sharon M Draper

Project by Leilany Zarco Aguirre

If you are looking for a good book, I got one. Out Of My Mind, by Sharon M Draper is realistic fiction. Sharon M Draper lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was a Scott King Award winning author and wrote other books like "November Blues" and "Tears of a Tiger". See why Out Of My Mind is a great book.


The main character, Melody, can't walk or talk. The other characters are her mom, dad, and her babysitter Mrs.V.

Melody can't walk or talk, but she has photographic memory. So then her mom enrolled her into school.

Melody's class gets included with the normal students. Then she tries out for a team for really smart kids. Melody practices a lot and gets on the team.

Melody's mom, dad, sister Penny, and Mrs. V are at the competition with Melody. Will Melody dodge all her obstacles and win? Read Out Of My Mind to find out.


I really liked this book because it inspires kids to never give up. Also, I like all the humor that went into it. Plus, all the surprises in the book. I wouldn't change any part of the book. Although I suggest the author that she should make a sequel.


This book reminded me of the book Eleven because there was a girl, always being teased just like Melody, but both characters didn't stop being themselves. The book also reminded me of my parents because when Melody was sad, nervous, or upset her parents would always calm her down, just like mine. The book also reminded me of my last soccer game because I was so nervous, and many people were watching, just like Melody on the first team competition.


I would recommend this book to 4th and 3rd graders because it has a good story and funny enough to make a 4th or 3rd graders laugh. It also has a very good story that influences kids to never give up. It makes you feel how the character feels. Out Of My Mind is very interesting. I know that book drove me Out Of My Mind