Shots by: Skyler and Nathan

Extreme Wide Shot (EWS)

Subject is NOT usually shown. Also used a an "establishing shot" and the begging of the scene is sett then zoomed in.

Very Wide Shot (VWS)

Subject is usually barely visible and used as a landscape shot.

Wide Shot (WS)

Where the subject is vitiable but still have a big background.

Mid Shot (MS)

This angle is great for seeing predators hunting prey.

Dosent show fully body.

Mid Close Up (MCU)

This type of camera shot is in the middle of MS and, CU.

This shot is closer to the subject but not to close.

Close Up (CU)

If you want a great portrait shot ,and do see when the person is talking

Extreme Close Up (ECU)

When this shot is showed it means this is a really important line the is about to say.

Over The Shoulder Shot (OSS)

A shot over the shoulder looking at the subject and they are usually talking to each other.

Point Of View (POV)

A one of a kind camera angle. This angle is what the eye sees and how the body moves affects the type of movement in the shot.

Using The Rules Of Thirds

  • Nice set up
  • Straight up and down
  • subject (water bottel) is one of the conetion points of the 3x3 lines

Not Using The Rule Of Thirds

  • is at an angle
  • subject is more in the middel
  • is blurry or shacking
  • has the finger

Worms Eye

Usually used to make the subject bigger and stronger. Used if the person is small.

Birds Eye View

Kinda like a EWS or a VWS but up is the air. Usually showing the path on ahead.

Example TV Commercial Script

Shooting Location: Football Field Tunnel

Video Audio

Camera up on grim Greene, limping

slowly down tunnel from field toward

locker room; words

"Mean Joe Greene" superimposed on

picture. Because he is alone, game must

still be going on with Greene out of it,

due to injury.

Cut to kid ( white, about age nine)

standing in tunnel, bottle of Coke in


Cut to Greene, scowling.

Cut to kid.

Cut to Greene.

Cut to kid.

Cut to Greene, grimacing.

Cut to kid, offering bottle.

Cut to Greene, sighing, He takes it,

drinks, greedily.

Cut to kid, who hesitates, waiting for

autograph or sign of recognition from his


Finally kid turns to leave, reluctantly.

Cut to Greene, suddenly animated and


Greene grabs his game jersey and tosses


Cut to kid, beaming, catching shirt.

Supers fill screen:

"Have a Coke and a Smile" (centered)

"Coke Adds Life" (in right corner)

Kid [sound on film (SOF)]: Mr. Greene!


Greene [SOF]: Yeah?

Kid [SOF]: You need some help?

Greene [SOF]: Uh-uh.

Kid [SOF]: I just want you to know: I

think--you're the greatest.

Greene [SOF]: Yeah, sure.

Kid [SOF]: Want my Coke? It's Okay.

You can have it.

Greene [SOF]: Okay. Thanks.

As much swells under dialogue, lyric is


A Coke and a smile/makes me feel

good/makes me feel nice

Kid [SOF]: See ya, Joe.

Greene [SOF]: Hey kid!

Greene [SOF]: Catch

Kid [SOF]: Wow! Thanks, Mean Joe!